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Medyfinollogo Punta del Este

Medyfinol 2008 Punta del Este (URUGUAY), 1- 5 December, 2008

This XVI Conference continues the successful experience of the previous ones held in Mar del Plata, Argentina (2006), La Serena, Chile (2004); Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay (2002); Córdoba, Argentina (1999); Canela, Brasil (1997); Tucumón, Argentina (1996); San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina (1995); Montevideo, Uruguay (1994); Mar del Plata, Argentina (1993); Mar del Plata, Argentina (1991); Santiago de Chile, Chile (1990); Puerto Iguazú, Argentina (1989); Mar del Plata, Argentina (1988); Lujan, Argentina (1987), y Lujan, Argentina (1986).

First Announcement

During the conference the official launch of the Nonlineal and Statistical Physics Division of the FEIASOFI (Federación Iberoamericana de Sociedades de FISICA) will take place.

The week before (25- 29 Nov.) the PAESS'08 (Physics Applied to Economics and Social Sciences) will take place at Porto Alegre (Brazil) not far from Punta del Este. As MEDYFINOL08 and PAESS08 form a binary system orbiting around the center of mass of the Nonlinear Science we encourage to participate in both meetings.

NEW: PROGRAM and ABSTRACTS (Updated, 11/14/08)

NEW: Time table (11/14/08)

  • Fundamentals of statistical physics, fluctuation phenomena, Brownian motion
  • Entropy and other measures of information, complexity
  • Granular material, structured and complex fluids
  • Chaos and pattern formation
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Synchronization, complex networks
  • Biological physics, neural networks, time series analysis
  • Interdisciplinary physics, dynamics of social systems, econophysics
International Organizing Committe

Orazio Descalzi(U. Andes, Chile)
Arturo Marti (UdelaR, Uruguay)
Cristina Masoller (UPC, Spain)
Osvaldo A. Rosso (UBA, Argentina)

International Advisory Committee

Miguel Arizmendi (Argentina)
Marcia Barbosa (Brazil)
Helmut Brand (Germany)
Juan Luis Cabrera (Venezuela)
Patricio Cordero (Chile)
Celso Grebogi (U.K.)
Roberto Iglesias (Brazil)
Hilda Larrondo (Argentina)
Michel Moreau (France)
Angel Plastino (Argentina)
Araceli Proto (Argentina)
Marta Rosen (Argentina)
Raúl Rechtman (Mexico)
Enrique Tirapegui (Chile)
Raúl Toral (Spain)
Constantino Tsallis (Brazil)
Horacio Wio (Spain)